What We Do?

JSK ERISA Consulting provides professional ERISA compliance consulting services to employee benefit plans (“Plans) including employer sponsored retirement plans and health plans. JSK helps ensure that Plans are being administered prudently, effectively, and in compliance with federal laws and regulations. In addition, JSK provides assistance to Plans that are currently under investigation and can act as a 3(16) named fiduciary for Plans.

Why Us?

ERISA is a very specialized field of law that many attorneys (not to mention third party administrators) are not familiar with. Third party administrators (TPA) may be experts in administering Plans, which include filing Form 5500, conducting non-discrimination testing, etc., but they are not able to identify a lot of the ERISA violations that are found and cited in EBSA investigations (same goes for CPAs and financial advisors) . Justine Kim, CEO and founder of JSK, was a former senior EBSA investigator with more than 12 years of EBSA investigations and therefore equipped with the unique knowledge and experience to identify potential violations and recommend corrections. In addition, JSK can also assist Plans that are under investigation currently to help save time in responding to EBSA’s requests and mitigate damages and penalties.

Our Services

Types of Services We Offer

JSK provides various types of consulting tailored to the Plan’s specific needs.


compliance audit

Similar to an actual EBSA investigation


based consulting

Consulting based on your Plan’s specific needs/issues


Annual contract/
Comprehensive plan​

ERISA compliance audit plus quarterly review/monitoring of your plan


investigation consulting

Provide assistance to Plans under investigation


ERISA Fiduciary

3(16) Fiduciary Services


Consulting for
non-plan sponsors

Similar to an actual EBSA investigation of your employee..

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